The Nightmare Before Christmas

After falling down a tree hole of holidays, Jack Skellington discovers the tree doorway to Christmas town. He has never seen anything like this before. He didn’t even know where it was. In his hometown, everyday is Halloween. “ What’s this, there is white things in the air, what’s this,” sings Jack Skellington. He is new to all of the children’s laughs and the happiness of everyone.

He sings and dances in Christmas Town and even discovers his love for Santa Claus. He sees the elves making Christmas present. “ There is children throwing snowballs instead of throwing heads, look at all these toys absolutely nobody is dead,” sings Jack. He is surrounded by love and sees all of the people kissing under the mistletoe. He falls in love with this whole Christmas thing and decides that he wants to become Santa Claws.

So he ventures back into his Halloween town and reads up and studies on how he can become Santa Claws. It seems like a neat idea. So he asks his red-haired living dead girl doll Sally to make his the Santa Claus outfit. She says yes since she knows how to sew. So he asks all of the village people to make presents for all of the kids around the United States. He hires some trick or treaters to go to Christmas Town and kidnap Santa Claws, so they do and they brought him back down to hell with Mr. Oogie Boogie. Mr Oggie Boogie is a big stuffed bug filled demon that resides in hell and holds Santa hostage. So they made Jack a sleigh and he goes and delivers toys to all of the little children.

Sallys frantically worries about Jack while he is in the air. “ I sense there is something in the wind, that feels like tragedy my friend,” sings Sally. The townspeople see Jack come into their house and call the cops, because he is not Santa. So they shoot Jack’s sleigh down. He falls into a graveyard.

Everybody finds out about Jack and thinks that he is dead, so they all get sad. Sally sings her song and then comes to the realization that she must fix Christmas by getting Santa back. So she goes into hell and Mr. Oogie Boogie catches her trying to redeem Santa.

Jack from the graveyard, gets his act together and goes back into Halloween Town. He goes into hell to visit Sally and retrieves her along with Santa and the trick or treaters. The town people get happy, because Jack is alive with Sally and Jack and Sally sing their song on the top of the pumpkin patch.

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