Nokia 9 To Join OnePlus 5 With 8GB of RAM Option

The Nokia 9 has been through the FCC, meaning it WILL get a release in the US later this year

HMD will release the Nokia 9 in the US later on this year. How do we know? Simple: the Nokia 9 has been through FCC filing, meaning it is now just a matter of time before the handset is available in the US.

According to a June 19 report, HMD may have axed one version of the Nokia 9 already — but don’t fret too much, dear reader, the Nokia 9 is still very much on the way.

According to Nokiamob, a leaked request to the FCC from HMD has requested that the Nokia 9 model TA-1004, which was recently certified, to have its certification transferred to the TA-T1012.

Why is this important? Well the first model which is already certified is near identical in specs to the second model, except that it has 4GB of RAM, while the second model has 6GB of RAM. What this would appear to mean is that HMD has decided to pull the plug on the lower RAM model and will instead focus on the 6GB RAM edition (and possibly the rumored 8GB RAM higher-tier one as well).

Nokia’s range of Android iphone screen replacement are now official, the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 will all get a release in India this week, but the for most people, the Nokia 9 is the one we’ve all been waiting for, as it is a proper flagship.

Images of the handset have also leaked and, as you can see below, the Nokia 9 runs stock Android and shares more than a passing resemblance to Google’s Pixel phone. Unlike the Pixel, though, the Nokia 9 will feature a dual-lens camera.

How this handset will be received in the US and UK remains to be seen, though there does seem to be a clear hunger for Nokia phones at the moment. The Nokia 3310, an excellent marketing stunt by HMD, raised brand awareness around Nokia significantly in the early part of 2017.

Web traffic and Google search volume is also very telling: people, millions of them, are very interested in what Nokia is doing at the moment. This does not mean Nokia will outsell Apple and Samsung, but it does tell us that HMD will likely sell a fair few iphone screen in 2017.

There’s no word on pricing or actual specs at present — everything’s rumours right now. This will change, however, as the release date draws nearer. Multiple reports suggest HMD will announce and release the Nokia 9 during Q3, likely before the arrival of the iPhone 8.

The main thing here, though, is the confirmation that HMD will release the Nokia 9 in the US.

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