Floor Plan Visio Alternative for Mac

Is there a floor plan program using on Mac that can replace Visio? Edraw is an easier, cheaper, more powerful and popular Visio alternative for making floor plan and other drawings on Mac system.

Desktop low-cost Visio alternative with powerful tools to ease diagramming amazingly.

There are many Visio alternative products for Windows, but only a few could also work on Mac system. To benefit Mac users, Edraw has newly released a Mac version. We aim to make it a low-cost tool to make diagramming on Mac system as easy as possible. It is suitable for everyone from a newbie to an expert.

Visio-Like Floor Plan Software

Edraw is a vector based diagramming software containing more powerful features than Visio that helps easily design floor plan with pre-installed symbols and templates. The floor plan symbols are comprehensive and accurate with a customizable capability. It offers Microsoft Office fluent user interface. Furthermore, with this Visio substitute, users can develop professional floor plan in a way faster and cheaper than ever.

Why Edraw is a Solid Floor Plan Visio Alternative for Mac

  • Drag-and-drop based interface allows for high efficiency, creating diagrams 3 times faster.
  • Includes a comprehensive collection of floor plan symbols, in vector format.
  • Dozens of templates to get started instantly.
  • Automatic alignment for neat, crisp drawings.
  • Automatic connection of wall shapes.
  • Effective connection of shapes with snap and glue feature.
  • Capable in printing or sharing. Support export for PDF, Html, Word, Visio, PNG, JPG, PPT, EPS, and many other formats.
  • Various types of diagram solutions, more powerful than Visio. Supports automatic flowcharting, automatic swimlane, org chart formatting, mind map, charts and graphs and so on.
  • Lifelong complete service with a much cheaper price.
  • Supports cloud storage and team cooperation on files.

Use the Software as Other Visio Alternatives for Mac:

The software is not only a replacement for Visio floor plan, but also for other drawings, such as flowchart, UML diagram, org chart, P&ID, and so on. It has more than 260 drawing types.

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