There are a lot of people like me who came to the US for school or for work. You probably also have self doubt because of social bias, cultural difference and language abilities.

So, how do we compete using English as a second language? …

“What’s your design process?” is one of the most common questions you’ll get as a designer. The answer varies depending on the dynamic of your team and the culture at your job. Throughout the years, I realized that a design process is not just about your own process as a…

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Being a new mom means going through tons of intense discoveries. My son just turned one year old, I wanted to write down a list of things that I wish I already knew before I became a mom.

Postpartum Emotions

Motherhood comes with a package of thousands of emotions — you may…

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Raising a newborn is very much like building a new product — there are so many questions, hopes, love, passion, and some frustration. …

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Today is the last day of Women’s history month, I had to share the very inspiring keynote at SXSW by Melinda Gates (Gates Foundation), Joanna Coles (Hearst Magazine), Stacy Brown Phil-pot (CEO of Task rabbit), and Nina Shaw (Times Up Co-founder) about important issues on women in the workplace! …

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Interested in hearing the correlation between design, brand and storytelling? This article is for you! I’m sharing learnings from my favorite interactive panels at SXSW 2018.

1. Create a Purpose-Driven Brand by Design

AJ Hassan from R/GA and Todd Kaplan from PepsiCo discuss how to create a purpose driven brand by design, and why it’s important today…

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What makes you engaged at a workplace? Leadership, Management, Performance, Relationships, Politics, Growth, Impact… maybe more?

2018 is approaching, it’s time to look at the learnings, achievements and summarize the challenges we faced in 2017!

1. Leadership

My belief is that you don’t need a leader title to be a leader. What…

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Like building a great product, buying your dream house takes time. I’m a new Bay Area homeowner, and it took a long, involved process to get there. As a product designer, I see the similarities between buying a house and building a product. …

If you’ve tried and still haven’t yet landed your dream job, don’t lose faith, don’t doubt yourself. Instead, remember this:

You are talented and skilled in your own unique way. Whichever company ends up hiring you, they will be lucky to have you. …

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I found the experience of learning to drive to be very similar to the experience I had as a new designer. My experienced driver friends always gave me tips on how to drive safely and how to avoid unnecessary incidents, which perfectly reflected my growth journey as a designer.

New vs. Experienced

Jessie Chen

📍 Product designer @ Autodesk San Francisco.

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