The Self-Love Manifesto

A set of mantras to get your mind ready for a kickass day

I am an individual.
And I take everything seriously. Except myself.
I cannot control how I am perceived, only how I am presented.
So I dance like everyone is watching and I don’t give a shit.

Without me, I’ve got nothing.
So when times get tough,
I choose downward dog over downward spiral.

I eat egg whites in the morning,
do push-ups before bed,
and ‘Look hot’ is always on my to-do list.
(right before ‘Go out into the world and kick some ass.’)

I can get what I want.
But I can’t get it alone.
So I pull over to ask for directions,
I never turn down a free lesson in anything,
and when life gives me lemons,
I find someone who wants lemons and sell them at a premium.

I am bullshit-intolerant
because lying only complicates everything.
I assume that assuming is a bad idea,
and that trying to change people is not my job.

I am replaceable.
But I bust my ass to make sure it’s not so obvious.
I never give up,
I never give in,
and when somebody makes me really angry,
I do fifty crunches. (That’ll show ‘em.)

While I know that most people don’t bite,
I know the ones that do are usually worse off than me.
So I help strangers carry heavy things,
I never let anyone ruin my day,
and if I’ve got time to judge someone,
I judge myself.

I am not for everyone
and everyone is not for me.
So, I just do me
one day at a time
and see what happens.

Here. We. Go.