When They Don’t Want to Hear What You Have to Say, Respect It

Even with the best intentions, there is more harm than good in forcing your beliefs onto someone else.

When we meet people who are not like us, it gives us a chance to learn about one another, embrace our differences, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of individuality.

There will always be other people who don’t see the world as we do.

People who don’t believe what we believe will always exist and it’s natural to want to share our own perspectives and values with them. But there is a big difference between sharing your beliefs and trying to force those values onto someone.

Unfortunately, even with resistance standing in the middle, some people don’t let that stop them from forcing their beliefs onto others.

They’ll continue to push, hoping that eventually, they’ll break through and convince someone else to see things from their perspective. Instead of respecting the wishes of others, some people like to push their beliefs and conversation even harder onto others, causing an even stronger opposition. This is the wrong approach and it can never be fruitful.

If someone doesn’t want to hear what we have to say, we should respect their wishes.

It’s a message I wish I could magically imprint into the minds of the aggressive religious folk who stand outside of the abortion clinics. It’s a message I wish my extremely religious parents would understand too.

I stopped attending church services when I was 17-years-old.

I never knew religion to be a place of peace and as an adult, it didn’t feel right to continue practicing a faith that confused and shamed me. I think practicing religion can serve a great purpose in a family, but not when parents are using it as a replacement for establishing an actual relationship with their children. I was better off stepping away from the place that made me feel trapped.

My parents know of my opposition to the church; it’s how I’ve been for years.

Yet, they continue to try to “knock sense into me” because to them, “I’ve lost my way and my salvation”. I only wish they could see the more they force it, the further I run in the opposite direction. I used to explain that the pushing and forcing is part of the reason why I distanced myself from Catholicism in the first place, but I stopped trying to make my point.

Writer & editor telling stories about healing, relationships, and self-love. Co-editor of Fearless She Wrote. Let’s chat: jlovejoywrites@gmail.com

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