Heneral Luna (critique paper)

Heneral Luna was one of the most interesting historical movie in the Philippines . It actually reflects our culture, traditions and traits especially nationalism as a Filipino citizen back then. The author of this movie made us understand how nationalism is important in the past generation for us to apply it now on our present generation. Additionally the author wants us, especially the youth people to value and fight for our country. For the fact that most of the scene in the movie were shown nearby reality of what were originally happened in that day. It is a must watch movie for everybody to learn more about our country’s history and government. It also help us to imagine American people conquer our country and how our countrymen and Heneral Luna fought and died for.

The over all movie is very great. The realistic scenes, interesting sequence of the story, excellent actors and actresses and the lesson it will teach are some factors why this movie is very engaging to everyone. The story is not that difficult to understand because in every scene you will feel what is the author being convey in the movie. The movie shows Filipinos and Heneral Luna difficulties while seeking for our freedom in the hand of the conqueror and the situation among the government officials. Those scenes adds more attractiveness to the movie.

This movie answered some of the question playing on our minds, because of the realistic scenes of hardship in fighting in a war. Honestly speaking, I watched this movie for the second time around and I cant really help my tears from falling down to those scenes that touches my heart. Especially the Spoliarium scene, because from my own understanding Heneral Luna was killed by our countrymen. It was like losing our own hope, because in that scene Heneral Luna was surrounded by his own blood and to his own country. The scene made me realize that Heneral Luna was right in saying that our own enemy is our self.

Watching this kind of movie turns me into a emotional one that I felt a lot of excitement yet sadness for every scenes. I also saw Heneral Luna and some of our soldier’s braveness for fighting for our freedom against Americans -our conquerors.

Joven Hernandez Jr. in the movie play as a brave witness between the war of our country -Philippines and America and the government suffering in that moment. As a student This movie, Heneral Luna is one of a kind that teach us different lesson especially in our history.

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