Illusion or Intuition

Illusion means anything that it seems to be something that it is not or may be the state of being deceived or misled.

What if ? we get illusion of intuition or intuition of illusion?

Intuition means immediate cognition without the use of rational processes.

Sometimes what we feel ,we call that our intuition .But ,in actual that comes out to be our illusion.the final mixture comes out to be nothing but the confusion or misapprehensions of two instincts led by our faux senses and results incomprehensibilities.

In technical sense , Intuitions become standardized in linguistics : by saying that a native speaker has intuitions about the well- formedness and structure of sentences , all we are saying is that he has the ability to make judgement about whether a give sentences is well — formed or not.

Whereas , we often get illusionized by the blind perception of any PEN ROSE TRIANGLE , which has so many different yet complicated perspectives so we end up seeing it from one side.

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