One day after watching shitty videos on YouTube for endless numbers of times , i lied on my bed , disappointed ! SWITCHED OFF my phone ! and here… my normal life started. when NOISE of everything stopped . unlike general belief that only ears get affected by the noise. #Noise comes from every sense. when it STOPS, you START. when you are watching movies for hours and hours on your laptop without giving your body a single rest , there’s a Noise in your head , when you read books , tweets , facebook comments ,even those not-so-funny memes , whatsapp texting which kills your interest and make you lazy,there is noise in your head .Luckily ,i was on a bail for few minutes from the prison of the virtualverse. that one moment, when i had nothing to do, i started thinking but this technology had already rotten my skills to think well. so i kept thinking and asked some few questions about my recent life to me.

“what am i doing right now? ,what are my goals for the future? , how i am going to accomplish them and what roads am i taking to reach my destiny and then the last question was “wait! what is my destiny?”

there were other questions as well. it’s not that i picked up these sensible questions at first ! initially my questions were “what am i going to have in dinner?” “oh ! yeah , i am not eating dinner since last few weeks , i have to lose some weight ,so that i could look little bit like skinny bitches who get compliment from every guy around them.” , “wait! why am i on diet .”? , “haven’t i lost that much weight i intended to?” . but i figured out those answers the very next moment . Hence it’s not a big deal. So those are kind of irrelevant stuffs so i neglected them and let’s just dig them here..HAHA!!! :(

So ! there were so many questions but i was forcing myself to get the answers . i knew a few like , right now i am doing this course , so according to the Indian rat race i must apply for this course “but then what is the difference?” i asked again to myself.!! ERROR 404……my mind stated.

i kept thinking in my materialistic mode ON. And then, i realized i had done nothing special in past few months . I felt disappointed again . and then….I decided to walk right that moment to the person who knows me better or more than i do

It was my mother. She was in the kitchen , preparing for the dinner . I stopped there . i didn’t enter the kitchen even. i just saw her . Working all the time and she is so busy Like a Sisyphus , she works all the time ,goes for the shopping of course once a while. But then, she thinks of us, there too.

that moment i asked myself again “who is she?” “why does she work all the time ?” i mean it feels like that she kept herself in a prison more than i do . but the punishment is different . it’s a prison of DUTY. And she does not want herself to be freed. She does not desire anymore to do something different .She knows no recent news , because it doesn’t even affect her life. It’s like she has captivated herself for her own. Yet she is eliminated by her own family.

without any conversation i came back into my room , opened my laptop and then the google chrome , followed some instructions , paid the bills from my saved pocket-money and voila!! it’s done.

At night , she served us food and i served her a trip to GOA!! “go , live a different life for at least once in your life!”

And this is how life works , you search for motivations and then sometimes you become one, For YOURSELF. and i got my answer to every unanswered question. so take an initiative , pick up yourself , unlock your mind and know what are you capable of and how does it affect your dear one’s life !

Realease yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.

- Bob Marley

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