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One day I looked at my husband of 24 years and knew that by staying with him would be death us both. We no longer liked each other and our relationship had been destructive for a while. One day he told me to fuck off, that he didn’t want me any more. It suddenly dawned on me that I could do just that – I could fuck off ! It took me a huge amount of courage to walk away. 24 years and 5 children later, I fucked off, moved into my own flat and started again.

God knows , we had given the relationship our best years. No one can say we hadn’t worked hard enough on the labour of love of our marriage.

I’m grateful for both of us that I had the courage to burry a dead relationship. He is now beginning to live again and is in a new relationship. I am with a new partner who has taught me so much. I respect, as well as love the bones of that man !

Splitting up is not to be taken lightly but deep down we knew when we knew that it was over. Before I left him I dreamt I was dragging a dead horse up a hill. The effort was immense. In the dream I was cajoling my husband to help me drag the dead Weight of the horse. He didn’t want to help. I now realise the horse represented our marriage. It was time to leave.

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