Lost Weight! Felt Awful…😢

A story of why not ALL weight loss is created equally

After a fantastic week at the gym hitting new PB’s and feeling so proud at what I have achieved — I was struck down with an awful case of food poisoning… along with laryngitis!

Stanley keeping me company

Not a great combo when ice cream and lollipops were advised for my laryngitis, but then told to stay away from diary and stick to bland foods for my stomach….

Feeling very sorry for myself I made my little den on the sofa and settled in for a week of film watching, bathroom runs and crying intervals.

Living off toast with a small amount of honey or Jam and the odd rich tea biscuit if I was feeling adventurous, I was literally running on empty and I could feel my body getting smaller and more frail every day.

Standing on the scales when I felt better, my jaw dropped at the whopping 7lbs I’d lost in less than a week!

My poor little body had lost so many vitamins and minerals and so much water and muscle in such a short amount of time, and I was feeling it.

I felt weak and so low on energy.

This got me thinking.

I thought all about the fad detoxes, juice cleanses, dieting clubs and minimal calorie diets that are on the market today.

The only type of ‘progress’ they use are the scales, and if this happened on one of these diets, it would praised, applauded and written all over Facebook.

When in reality our body is just running on empty, not being filled with all the nutrition it needs to run successfully.

All we have done is dramatically reduce the calorie intake.

There is absolutely nothing special about these ridiculous diets.

Our body isn’t cleansed, Aloe vera hasn’t sped up our metabolism and our body hasn’t become free of toxins.

We just ate less food. And normally less of what our body needs to stay healthy and fit.

The scale should never be used as the only measure of progress. It’s so important we feel energised and fill our body with needed fats, proteins, carbs, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Do they ever ask how we feel, if we are doing important exercise to keep our muscle mass or educate us to living a healthier life without stupid restrictions which are often completely unmaintainable?

Of course not, because the number on the scale is apparently what defines us and our success in health and fitness.

My main aim for myself and people who work with me is to make sure we feel the best we possibly can.

So we can achieve things we never thought possible and be role models to ourselves and inspire others.

Education is so important so we don’t feel reliant or trapped that a certain diet is the only way to get our results. It’s about balance, enjoying the journey and so much less about restriction, ‘sins’ and ‘red points’

I am now so motivated to fill my body with good food and calories to get back to my energised, heavy lifting self!

And I’d love to share that journey with you, so that you too can feel strong, confident and know that you are the one in control of both mind and body.

Until next time… stay lovely!


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