The benefits of exercising are endless.

It is so important we keep our body fit, mobile and strong so we can live the best and most independent life as possible.

Exercise helps increase our mood, energy levels, reduces the chance of chronic illnesses, increase the production of hormones that help…

Starting something completely new, or even starting something back up again that you used to love can be really scary.

I used to be a dancer. I danced all through high school, did dance at A level and continued into university.

I loved every minute of it, attended my sessions…

You have probably heard this myth 100’s of times.

But if you stop and really think about it and re-ask that question regarding anything else, it doesn’t really make much sense.

Does beef weigh more than chicken?

Does broccoli weigh more than cabbage?

Do rocks weigh more than feathers?


Lovely Lifter

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