Getting comfortable with rejection.

I’m okay with not being chosen.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

For someone that spent much of their life ‘wanting’ to be chosen and doing their darnest to be seen as ‘good’.

I was recently surprised that these words were coming out my mouth…. I’m okay with not being chosen (talk about surrender)

Somewhere along the journey those words became part of my being. I was okay with not being chosen.

Wow. Finally I reached a place where getting a ‘no’ didn’t make me question my worth.

The world has a tendency to move along with trends and big moves — fast. We’re often looking for the next big thing and often move away from them — quickly. So we conform. And we conform some more, always looking to adapt to something someone else deems as ‘good’.

Somewhere along the way, we wanted to be chosen for the dodgeball team first. And if we’re not, we felt unworthy and unvalued. Recently, I realized that I didn’t want to be chosen by others to feel great. Within myself, I now know that I am worth it.

Not getting the next promotion.

Not receiving praise from the outside world, doesn’t stop my world.

When that happened, I won. Because I was free to realize that sometimes God is going to step in to make sure I receive a ‘no’. So that I can get the ‘best’. And truly the ‘best’ is more about who I am then what someone else thinks.

Welp. That’s was a message and I know this won’t be easy all the time. And this isn’t a message of not bringing your best, it’s a message of understanding that all things are working for you. Sometimes things working for you is getting a no.

It doesn’t define your value or worth. It’s just “is”. The moment that I realized that everything really truly works out and things become so much more beautiful when we are being rather than forcing, it frees us. We have reached a place of surrender and freedom.

Writing this to encourage you, choose yourself. Not the ‘created’ self, the higher being. The one that knows things truly work for you, they’re neither good or bad, they just are. People will walk away. Jobs will overlook you. And that’s okay.

Because in the grand scheme of things, if you can lean in — believe and work like you know who you are. Mountains will move, just for you.

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