An Open Letter to Managers of Women
Jason Shen


This is an excellent post. I had a mix of 17 male & female direct reports. You very briefly mentioned women of color. I’m a white female. The best report I had was a woman of color. I kept mentioning her in our bi-weekly check in meetings. I encouraged other management to review her work & I showcased her successes. I saw the writing on the good old boy wall. A male was leaving & the upper management was looking at another male to replace him. I had to be bold & ask them to consider my dr. I had her give me an updated resume. (I told her hr needed one) They actually promoted her. She was gifted. An excellent leader. By the time I left the company she was in the top 3 for kpi’s. I believe women of color have an extremely difficult time progressing & I hope your post will open more eyes.

Thank you

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