So What about it?

I’m about to go around Town and ask random people (possibly you?), what they think of Ramsgate (alias “Rammers”, “Ramadamadingdong”and “Ramstropez” amongst others). I’m particularly asking about feelings and opinions on the seafront and port areas. The topic being glaringly obvious. We’re talking the big “R”, Regeneration for Ramsgate.

C: Brian Whitehead

I’m in avoidance mode again and it’s been annoying me. Ideally i’d like to try video Q & A’s (thats interviews), but i’ve never done that before and the perfectionist in me is terrified of it all looking really amateur and boring… blah blah blah… “just get on with it” (I hear you say). Ok. Watch this space… In the meantime, lets look at the reasons I’m feeling driven to “do this”.

If you read my first blog, you’ll understand that I’m feeling pretty passionate about the Town I have chosen to lay my hat in. I’ve rarely felt this sort of affinity with anywhere, (well, apart from Cornwall where I’m from and Crete where a piece of my soul lives), and I discovered that there are many that feel the same way — and many that do, but love a good moan about it. I want to focus on the positives. I believe in positives. Positive attitude. Positive outlook. Positive mental attitude (so old hat and cliche’d, but hey!).

There’s something to be said about being positive. It’s ultimately infectious and I find most people are attracted to someone who has a positive attitude. There’s stacks of evidence that backs up my theory that if you smile, you feel better (and so does the person you just smiled at). If you have positive thoughts, you feel better and have the power to attract the same. Of course, it’s not all “rosy” and sometimes I get really pee’d off and shout, but then it’s over and I feel positive again. We’ve all had some form of trauma in life and need to get over it. Best thing I ever learnt to do was to let go of a grudge and to see life as it is. More on that another time, perhaps…

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Ramsgate looks glorious in the sunshine and when it’s stormy and over-cast. The light here in Thanet is magical and the skyline is uber inspiring. It’s hard not to be positive when noticing these things. I think that’s why there are so many artists and photographers (amongst other creatives) that love it and make their homes here. Just look at Turner and his desire to paint the ultimate in romantic skylines and horizons. Even when the weather turns, somehow it’s beautiful. Of another mood, but stirring and thought provoking.

Of course there is a negative side to life here. There are many people who feel disgruntled about the treatment Ramsgate has had in the past and continues to do so by (mostly Thanet District Council, and other influencial Private Investors), and boy do folk love to rant about it! Good! (“Eh?!” I hear you say.) Even when we hear the “moaning minnies” going on, we should listen to what they’re saying and then look at how to take the positive from the negative. I find, one way of doing this is to listen to what people complain about, and the reasons they feel they need to. Then reframe it by looking at how it could be, if they were listened to and the changes were made. Folk are striving for a more positive environment and life-style. Would they continue to moan if they got it? Probably, but that’s just someone’s cycle of life. There will always be something to moan about, but having a positive outlook can help to keep on reframing those situations each and every time. I like to just think “Flip It!”. Turn that powerful vibe into a positive way forward. Think of it as the sunshine after the storm. Of course, the storm can be seen as positive, can it not?

Ramsgate has so much going for it. All we need is to continue to believe in it and push (with one voice) for positive change. Don’t give up. Keep believing, and dreaming on. Be careful what you wish for, it may just happen. Most importantly, keep smiling at each other and looking around you at what we have, right now.

If you have something to contribute about your wishes, thoughts and feelings on Ramsgate’s Port and Seafront, then I’d love to hear from you! Either, you can help me practice my Interview skills with you on camera, or you can check out this simple online survey to express your views more incognito!