Just received the kindest “no” from my first choice of Angel investor. It’s not a no I take personally; I believe her when she explains that it’s a matter of bandwidth.

Note: It might be helpful to acknowledge that I’m an early-stage founder of a tech company and raising the funds I need to launch my app and get it to a place where it’s making revenue. The fundraising process is notoriously hard and requires loads of rejections to get to the few that say yes.

So that’s when I initiate my rejection ritual, as I have many times before.

I open up my Google sheet titled, Rejection_List, and add her name.

Then I immediately go to YouTube to watch the masterpiece + visual feast that is…the music video for Jefferson Starship’s, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.

I press play and dance it out.

This is my rejection ritual. A few reasons I do this:


It helps me transition from disappointment or sadness or self-doubt (or all of the above) to it’s-not-meant-to-be-and-there-is-a-way-forward-that’s-even-better.


It recommits me to my purpose; indeed there is nothing that’s gonna stop me from seeing this through. By which I mean, building a company to support the team…that will build the product…that will be my app, Recollect. This is my life’s work. I know that in my bones.


I’m curious to see how many more rejections will be required to get where we want to go…probably dozens more. Easily could be triple digits.

A s human people, we’re not wired to take rejection well. Yet, I find that by creating the ritual, I can feel empowered by it and channel that energy into the next right step.

I have another Google sheet titled, Kind_Words, and there I add an entry that is also part of that rejection. She thinks I’m amazing and is rooting for me big time. I want to remember words like that. They feed me.

Google sheets are not really an ideal way to be reminded of those kind words. 99% of the time, I forget they’re there. I forget they feed me.

That’s why I’m building the app that I’m building. It’s called Recollect. It’s designed to remind us of the things we wish we could remember, precisely when it would help us feel better.

So, someday, Recollect will be more than a prototype and when I get another rejection, I’ll be reminded of what’s worth remembering. Not the rejection, but that she thinks I’m amazing and is rooting for me big time.

Shameless CTA: If you or someone you know is passionate about wellness, Mindfulness, or mental health and would be interested in learning more about investing in our company, contact me here.

Founder, Coach / Building, Recollect, an app that helps us feel better — no matter what we’re feeling — by reminding us of the content we wish we could remember

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