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While I must confess I was finding rather hysterical the “old man” flack lately heaped upon the 34 year old, I reckon Parker’s injury could perversely play to the Spurs’ advantage (in this round). Why? For appetizers, I suspect D’Antoni will be tempted to pull a Let’s Just Play Our Game against his Frenchman-less opposition in Game 3, in lieu of making the adjustments that would normally be dictated by an outcome the likes of Game 2’s. Let’s be real: Leonard negating Harden isn’t a Check Engine Light; it’s a Stall-Out At 1am On An Unlit Road. The Rockets need to psychopathically prioritize multi-screening the ever-loving bejeesus out of Leonard when he’s making Harden’s life bitter— but lo and behold, dat defensive improvement on the perimeter a Parker-less rotation provides (assuming Pop doesn’t make the mistake of drastically upping Patty’s playtime). An oft-neglected dynastic truth: San Antonio’s beloved starting point guard has been a defensive liability even amidst his teammates’-wife-seducing prime.

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