democracy spits on freedom

i would like to tell you that democracy is spitting on freedom tru you.

if democracy is for the people then why is it controlled by politicians and not the people.

emil bier is one of those who dont fear fighting against the systems and its corporations.

why do we see gowernments as our helpers when we as the people can gowern each other or ourselves

here is how i see democracy spitting on freedom.

During elections we have delegates that represent a number of gangs we call political parties. Now we are presented with the prospect of having one of the delegates (gang members) to represent their gang and not their constituents in parliament. Consequently the successful gang has to win a majority of ridings or constituencies and not the majority of votes to become the ruling gang.

The prime minister (or gang leader is not elected), he is selected by the gang members. But there are problems for the gang as well. In order to pass legislation, they need the approval of the senate. The members of the senate are not elected but selected by former gang leaders on the basis of their loyalty to their gang.

They rule over the elected gang members similar to kings and queens as they are appointed for life. This system cannot be altered by the people since that would involve another monarchical system called the supreme court. The judges on the supreme court are also appointed by the gang leader, presumably with the co-operation of the other two suspect systems. They are there for life and cannot be removed by the electorate under any circumstances other than perhaps civil war

. The supreme court interprets our civil rights legislation that was put together in back room deals by institutions that did not democratically represent the majority of Canadians. Our civil rights bill protects minorities against the majority but there is no protection for the majority.

Isn’t that interesting? I would speculate that these “rulers” believe that the majority of Canadians are too ignorant to make their own decisions. Judging by the situation we are in, they could be right. That would point directly at our academic system (they belong to gangs called unions) which, typically, mirrors our electoral system. Politics, religion, and culture is nothing more than “brain washing”. That is just a more subtle form of water boarding which I was led to believe was illegal.