information kills education

The law is a complex and flexible thing, the reason why politicians get away with things is because they know the loopholes to use in order for people to go along with what they publicize as fair and democratic including laws that most of us are against, like abortion laws for the under aged.

The “system” has created ways in which the public can participate through in law making like the government gazette but the procedure is not transparent, people are not that informed about it and not everyone can be at the legislature for finalization.

The remedies are there for us to be more hands on but we do not understand just how it works and when people vote the ratings are not as public as the elections but it should be because the laws are binding to the people that make up the state, the state doesn’t make up the people. The old generation is tired, it is our turn to make a change but the question is are we willing, do we have the courage to make that change? 

Having a true democracy is difficult because it means people have to be willing to take time out of their everyday, busy lives to stay informed and get involved in decisions about the direction of their country. How many people do you know who are willing to do this?

I don’t know many.

Democracy is different people having different ideas. Where persons are not able to express their own individual ideas, it is not democracy. If I have my own ideas, and I cannot express them, within reasonable limits of common ethical standards for the given cultural group, that is not democracy. There must be some minimal cultural standard. The standard must not be too narrow or too broad. You cannot allow persons to say and do distasteful or horrible things, but you also cannot restrict them having views.