How the DNC Thwarted Democracy in Iowa Using 5 Easy Steps

Veronica Persimmon
Feb 4 · 4 min read

A majority of the eligible voting bloc in the United States desires progress. This is why plans like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and Cancel Student and Medical debt poll extremely well. Americans want progress. They want a better way. Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has extended his hand to the American people in order to lead them toward a more just and fair America.

During the year that he’s been on the campaign trail, Sanders has promised the American people that he would be their voice and that as president, he would govern on their behalf, unfailing in his resolve to rid Washington, D.C. of the proverbial rot sustained by corruption on both sides.

Sanders’ supporters trust him because in the four decades he has lived a public life, his advocacy for the American poor and working class has remained the driving force behind his governing modus operandi: he cares more about every day people than he cares about enriching himself.

Step One: Enact a Plan to Subvert the Progressive Frontrunner

By April 2019, Sanders began gaining steam to the great annoyance of establishment democrats. So much so, that The New York Times reported on the “Stop Bernie Meetings” orchestrated by the wealthy and powerful elite members of the Democratic Party. Notable names who attended the Stop Bernie meetings include Chuck Schumer, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana who won his mayoral race by 8,515 votes in a town with the population of around 102,245 (2017).

The small-town mayor looks great on paper. Buttigieg went to all the right schools and had all the shiny careers. He’s a veteran to boot! All the consultants needed to do was to polish and present this mayor with a horrible track record as a viable “electable option.” Who wouldn’t love a well-educated polyglot with ties to the CIA and a military background as our next Commander-in-Chief?

Step Two: Manufacture a Surge

The New York Times article about the Democrats’ “Stop Bernie” efforts was published on April 16, 2019. By April 22, 2019, CNN released a Granite State Poll that surveyed 208 respondents who were 2020 Republican primary voters that showed Pete Buttigieg surging. Polling Republican primary voters…for a Democratic primary poll. That makes a whole lot of sense, doesn’t it? Manufacturing a surge is a marketing tactic that’s as old as Madison Avenue marketing.

Did no one stop to wonder how a small-town mayor all of a sudden became a viable Democratic candidate after jumping 14 points in a poll with Republican respondents less than one week after the establishment Democrats had their Stop Bernie meeting?

Step Three: Develop a Private App to Report the Results of the Iowa Caucuses

As late as January 2020, there were concerns regarding the unsecured mobile app that the Iowa Democrats and the Nevada Democrats are planning to use in order to report the results of the caucuses and primaries. Until the day of the Iowa Caucuses, no one knew who was running the app or which company was behind the app, and people who were concerned had every right to be.

Tara McGowan is the co-founder of ACRONYM, an affiliate of Shadow, the dysfunctional app that created the debacle that was the Iowa Caucuses 2020. She’s also a fan of Buttigieg’s. The company behind the Shadow app was not known to the public until the evening of the disastrous Iowa Caucuses. Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign staff coded this failure of an app.

FEC filings reveal that Pete Buttigieg’s campaign paid Shadow Inc. $42,500.

Step Four: Use “Quality Control” in Order to Withhold Data

Chaos ensued during the evening of the Iowa Caucuses because precinct captains reported app failure when they attempted to submit the results from the caucuses. The Iowa Democratic Party claimed that they had a phone reporting backup in place, but as seen in the clip below, precinct captains stayed on hold for hours just to report the polling results.

As someone who’s worked in communications, “Quality Control” when applied to data is nonsense. You don’t apply a quality control protocol to data unless your aim is to manipulate the information extrapolated from said data. In other words, you don’t need to alter anything about data when you’re reporting results outright.

Step Five: Declare Victory with Zero Precincts Reporting

Pete Buttigieg declared victory around midnight after the Iowa Caucuses, puzzling voters and pundits alike. His victory speech was reminiscent of Jeanine Anez’s self-declaration of becoming Bolivia’s president after Evo Morales was overthrown.

It appears that Buttigieg is the DNC’s Chosen One. The “Stop Bernie” candidate designed to exhaust and discourage progressives from partaking in the electoral process. The question is, will voters be more determined to fight for their rights, lives, and the future of the planet? Or will progressives put their desire for progress on the back burner in order to replace a dangerous, corrupt demagogue with a dangerous and corrupt candidate hand-chosen by the treacherous DNC?

Veronica Persimmon

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