5 Ways To Keep Your Hustle Strong

Hustler- (n,) an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter.

As long as I can remember I have been this way. I get my mind set and I just go. Some people don’t understand it and for me, I am just wired that way. I get the comments all the time. “Do you sleep?” “Slow Down” “How do you have time!?” “Your doing too many things.”. My response:

Yes, I sleep.

well kinda…

Hustle tip number 1: Sleep when you get tired or when you are sick. Otherwise, hustle your face off.

You will read all kinds of things with being an entrepreneur. Things that often contradict each other. Things that you think you should be doing so you can be the most successful. Recently, the new thing is, your doing it wrong if you don’t sleep. I say your doing it right if you make progress. If you need more hours in the day, then put the pot of coffee on. If you have to meet a deadline, get it done! It isn’t a matter of time management. Trust me, I know. I am highly efficient when it comes to getting things done. It is more a matter of how I feel in the moment. Tired? Sleep.. Awake? Hustle… PERIOD.

I know when my brain is producing nothing because it needs to rest. That can happen in the morning, midday or late at night. Then I like to do mindless things or creative things.

Hustle tip number 2: Laugh and be a tad crazy

I think the journey is the best part of your hustle. It will not be easy I can promise you this but, the best thing to do is laugh. Enjoy the random moments in between. Do things out of your comfort zone. It is often where you find the best of your ideas. When you take a moment to just be a little crazy and laugh a little more…There is something about the energy that is let out. Not only do you create a really good vibe but, you put something positive out there that makes the experience that much more enjoyable for you and for others around you. There is no point in this hustle life if all you do is hustle. The grind is a given but, we forget the journey along the way. Stop, laugh a little, regroup, and return a monster…

Hustle Tip Number 3: Don’t pay any mind to competition

In all honesty, I think it is good to know who your competitor is but, checking in on a regular basis, or following their every move will only breed a different kind of thing. You are an original badass. Having competitors is a great thing. That means whatever it is you are pursuing, has a market. But, don’t be distracted. One thing I have learned is good ol’ hustle is hard for many people to maintain. If you figure out what makes your hustle stronger than there is no need to worry what the next person is doing. You just need to keep up with yourself. Competitors are great to add fuel to your fire. But, once it is lit, only you can keep that flame from burning out. Not everyone is built for this hustle…Only the strong survive.

You might need some wine, faith, and an eye mask some days…

Hustle Tip number 4: FEED YOUR BRAIN. Pick up a damn book.

The best thing I have done for myself is expand my knowledge. I used to be intimidated by certain circumstances or even people when I was in a room full of college graduates that held degrees. Let’s face it, we are a rare breed of hustlers. We are entrepreneurs. Our risk factor is at a 10 and our street smarts is from the school of hard knocks. I have a masters there but, it’s an exclusive school most have never been to. Just because someone holds a degree or has already attained success it doesn’t mean they can look down on you or question your ideas. So, back it up. You can’t act like you know what you are doing because you have the natural ability to get shit done..

I drink that kind of coffee everyday

You would be amazed the confidence you can build or the knowledge you can obtain right from a book. We are surrounded by opportunity to learn every day. With the interwebs and all… oh and this amazing blog, there are no excuses. But, I need you to read books too. Become obsessed. Enlighten yourself. You don’t know what you need to learn until you learn it. Then you realize the value later on.

I love to read and even when I don’t, I will listen to an audio book. The types of books I read can range sometimes. Of course most of the books I read are business or entrepreneurial. I also want to give some advice, you don’t have to read the whole thing. HUH!? Yea, that is correct. If you start to get lost in a book like, lost and your not retaining anything. Let it go.

Move on to the next. I love my kindle. I get the best deals on books and I can have it instantly. I read from the kindle app on my phone often. When I do have a book in hand, it is often written all over. Highlight things you want to remember.

Hustle Tip Number 5: Never Stop Hustling

This goes without saying but, I said it. Because sometimes you need a reminder. Surround yourself with the right people that support what you do and understand this is your way of life. If anything, most that do, reap the reward of all the hustlers hard work. Just don’t stop. Don’t stop on the account of others or when you fall on hard times. That is when you need to hustle the hardest. It wouldn’t be a hustle if it was easy so, don’t get your panties in a bunch when it gets tough. Stay focused and remember who you are and why you do what you do.

I hope these tips help! Comment on this blog if you have more tips to share or want to say hello from one hustler to another.. until then.. hustle on!

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