Having It All Kinda Sucks

The fact that you found time to write this article amazes me, Amy! So many times I have wanted to express how I feel about this topic, but to many people who do not live like this, it sounds as if you are complaining! I LOVE MY LIFE — I’m just exhausted. My struggle has always been: how do I give all of me to my job AND my kid — and everything that comes with both!? Next thing you know, I wound up in the hospital with a severe kidney infection and was 13 lbs under my normal BMI. It was then I realized I needed to give a little of me to ME! (This was a little less than two years ago — admittedly, not much has changed.) And lets not talk about when you have a kid at a relatively young age (and “young” these days is relative when you are talking about having children) — all of the invites that have to be declined because, once upon a time, you actually had a life outside work and kid! People tend to forget you exist after so many declines! I have a journal entry about “the single mother trying to date.” I plan to type it out soon.

Thank so much for making me feel better about LIFE — and so wonderfully written! Btw, I got a pedicure in January (that’s only because I took off work early because it was my birthday) for the first time since JULY, so your toes look awesome to me! :)

Signed, wanna-be social working super single mother

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