Why Lemonade Is For Black Women
Dominique Matti

This is wonderful. So well written. Thank you for the parallels, the analogies, the real-life references…

I am by no means a Beyonce “stan” but I am a fan of her musical talents — and not so much recently. Therefore, I had no desire to tune into Lemonade, or watch the re-runs, despite all the “buzz” (no pun intended). Your article has made me feel otherwise. Thank you for taking the time to interpret this film/album (not sure what and personalize it to you. I am looking forward, now, to doing the same.

And as a Black woman — a single mother to a young Black girl — we are glad that this is our time to be heard. Ive been making lemonade this whole time with all these lemons life has handed me. Glad to have some girlfriends to join!

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