This is what happens when we stop paying for quality journalism
Asha Dornfest

I am sorry but the internet has now been around for decades. If you can not adapt with the times, and find a way to be profitable without sacrificing your Journalistic ethics you do not deserve a single penny. Your idealised Journalists of old, they sold their soul long before I stopped paying for them. I grew up in conservative family.

Shortly after learning to walk and talk I was learning from overhearing family members talking about the slant of the NYTimes, and other “organizations of integrity” and that was long before “You Got Mail.” This election cycle was just the media going all in rather then trying to keep up appearances. These poor suffering journalists who sacrificed journalistic integrity do not deserve a penny any more than all those buggy whip manufacturers when Henry Ford and others came on the scene.

Sometimes Dinosaurs go extinct. Adapt or die. They chose suicide at the feet of the Clinton machine. I will not weep a single tear for them

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