May 9, 2017 · 2 min read

Most Hater users, whether they are swiped right repeatedly, or never at all, agree on some things — everyone hates a hangover, everyone loves a puppy.

Where the groups differ… that’s where the good stuff is.

We segmented Hater men by the 10% most attractive (measured by right swipes) and the 10% least attractive (left swipes), and found the greatest differences in opinion.

Essentially we figured out the defining characteristics of attractive and unattractive guys.

Again, ‘attractive’ is calculated by the frequency of right swipes... and is not an explicitly aesthetic metric, which is of course subjective.

We determined that men who are swiped right the LEAST like these things (#1 being cargo shorts):

And men who are swiped right the MOST like these things:

To wit, ditch your cargos and start throwing back some PBRs if you want to maximize your number of matches.

At Hater, however, we emphasize quality over quantity — so if you love your multi-pocketed, highly versatile, beige, short pant garments… don’t be afraid to let the world know. People bond over unlikely things.


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