To the best friend who will soon become my ex-friend

Let me ask you this, when did everything become complicated? I thought we swore we’ll be best friends forever. But I guess, years of friendship pales in comparison in the arms of the guy I was dating at the time. Yes, I still hold a grudge for that. You don’t seduce a guy who’s dating your best friend. Your excuse that time was you are just drunk and didn’t know what you were doing. Bull. You definitely know it. In fact, I do believe that alcohol makes a person vulnerable and honest. So that night, you are being very honest. You like the feeling of fucking over your best friend. The best friend who always date and tell you all about it, just because that’s what friends do. They talk. But now, in light of certain things that are happening with us, I realized that took a toll on you. I never knew I become so self-absorbed that I didn’t realize that you feel envious about it. For that, I’m sorry.

But I don’t appreciate your passive aggressive approach with me. Why become friends at all? Why do you feel that we need to compete with each other on how many boys we dated? My dear girl, I never wanted to date a lot that time. All I ever wanted was to have a solid relationship, to have a guy that I love, that loves me back. That’s all. But I guess I was really not lucky. In fact, I envy you before because of your solid personality. You never needed relationships. You are fine on your own.

This may seem silly to others, but I really don’t like keeping people who only make me feel bad about myself. I don’t need negative vibe in my life. I need peace and harmony.

Well, I guess, people really do change. And we both did, and now it’s really not working at all.

I guess we need to part ways and find someone who’ll be good for each one of us.

I will surely miss you and will never forget a decade of friendship. I wish you all the best and luck.

Yours truly,

Your pissed-off best friend who still loves you but felt that we now need to part ways