Big Data For People Management

People Management — Uniqueness In Behavior With Recognizable Patterns

Big companies find it increasing hard to manage the workforce. For a startup, acquiring new talents can be pretty tricky and time consuming. Having a right talent helps in delegating work to free up the founders or Managers to look into better tasks. Companies have a strict policies on who they take in to the company. Let’s take a step back to look at the pattern of behavior exhibited by the people.

Everyone has unique preference on why they want the job for and what they wanna accomplish with the job or their future. Recognizing those variables during an interview process helps in reducing attrition. Not every talent has a same preference to paycheck, holiday, flexibility in work, career, future prospective, degree of toughness in job nature, passion.

Culture, Career Prospective, Nature Of Job and Package

A straight up conversation with the employees on a weekly basis helps in identifying their preference not everyone wants a pay raise. Not everyone is in Google for a great pay, some are looking to grow their career, some for exposure, Some want to start a business, Some want to make mark in the sector, positional scaling and while some do look for a 6 figure jobs.

It’s a combination of package, exposure, nature of job, future potential, and culture. I want to specify the future potential which is based on how innovative the company is and in what way the skill set of the employee can be enhanced over a period of time one works for the company. Culture is a big variable that connects with the employees as it gives motivation and satisfaction.

Analyzing Behavior Patterns

People have priority of preferences and they often go for the most immediate need first. It’s up to the individual on how he evaluates the job. Does he view it as a long term play or a short term exposure play.

Grouping employees based on how they evaluate the preferences gives insight into what the employee would likely do in the job environment.

Recognizing patterns of behavior and how they’re influenced employees will help companies to find better talent. It will bring certainty into how the employee is expected to performance based on the pattern of behavior exhibited by him or her. Every company has average life cycle for employees.

It’s a classification problem in Artificial Intelligence whether the candidate with stay in the company for more than 2 years or not.