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One more time for the people in the back!

  • One in four recent cigarette smokers quit within the past year by switching to using vapor products.
  • A study done by the Royal Colleges of Physicians shows that vapor products are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes.
  • Vapor products that contain no nicotine will be required to display labels stating the following: “WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.”
  • The FDA automatically dismisses all claims stating the health benefits of switching to vapor products as false, even though an ample amount of research proves otherwise.
  • Paul Newhouse, the director of Vanderbilt University for Cognitive Medicine, stated that “Nicotine by itself isn’t very addictive at all”. Nicotine seems to require assistance from other substances found in tobacco to get people addicted.
  • The FDA deems the long-term effects of e-cigarettes to be widely unknown. They believe introducing the deeming law will help protect the health of the general population. However, it is widely known that smoking conventional cigarettes is harmful. By restricting vapor products due to uncertainty, we may in fact be encouraging people to continue smoking conventional cigarettes.
  • The estimated FDA cost for preparing the application for each product line is $330,000. This gives a higher advantage to larger tobacco companies while placing an undue burden on smaller companies.
  • While there may be a rise in vapor product use among school age adolescents, that age does not prove anything bad is happening — it is simply mirroring what is happening in the adult society. It is quite possible that vapor product use is displacing the use of traditional cigarette smoking in adolescents.
  • The FDA has this entirely backwards. Along comes a new technology that reduces the harm from smoking by up to 95% and yet, instead of giving people more access to these products, the entire industry is under attack.

Something has to be done about this issue and that just so happens to be what is going on.

Americans for Tax Reform have put together a petition urging Congress and President Trump to review the impact that the FDA’s deeming regulations will have in 2017.

Trump has stated that, once he is in office, he will look at even expanding tobacco rules. If additional “tobacco rules” are implemented and put into place, who knows what will become of the vape industry. Who knows what will happen to the brands we all know and love. With an abundant amount of hindrances being put in our way such as the cost for FDA approval of each individual e juice, what else can President Trump hit us with?

If you wish to stand with us in this fight, head over to and sign their petition asking for a re-examination of the deeming regulations.

We have a voice. We can be heard. We can fight.

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