We Talk , But Not Really …

Tell me about something you find very interesting

Express your passion on a subject not many view the way you do

Tell me all the fears that linger in your head

Whisper in my ear the things you want me to hear but never to share

I want to hear your voice over the phone on a random day

I want you to tell me anything !

Absolutely anything

Tell me how your day went , rant if it was bad and fill me with your joy if it went swell

I want you…

I want you to open up in a way that not many have seen you do

I need to talk to you

You see because these are things I’d like to share with you

The laughs and cries the hellos and goodbyes

I want to tell you how I feel , what I fear and what puzzles my mind

But I find it hard

I find it hard because you don’t open up your heart .