What I learned from the word you probably hate

M O I S T.

The word has impact. I feel saliva building in the back my throat, ready to drip down into my belly. When I string these five characters together and say the entire word out loud, I love seeing how you react. How your body reacts; the way your body responds quickly reveals to me how comfortable you are in your own skin, especially if I’ve just met you for the first time. If I used the word “fun,” your body language doesn’t react as expressively and an automatic response like “yeah” would proceed… *awkward silence* *end of conversation* *adventure stops.* If you awkwardly giggle or gush, that’s my signal to engage in conversation and together, we create a richer experience.

These are the types of experiences I choose to create.Moistness is an indicator of excitement. It signifies the build up, the awe before awe-some, the ecstatic moment before bliss sets in. In a world where we are presented with many different options all at the same time, my moist barometer reveals what I’m most excited about and which path to follow.Bashar, a multi-dimensional being, channeled through Darryl Anka, explains this Excitement process:

“if you always act on the thing that contains your highest excitement at any given moment to the best of your ability with zero expectations as to what the outcome ought to be, you will be walking the optimal path, no matter how it looks.”

Taking the moistest path may zig zag and not be the most direct, but because it’s representative of your excitement and representative of your true vibration and desire, you’ll become super conductive and move along the path quickly. The other path; the shorter and ‘direct’ path, will take longer because it’s representative of your resistance and you’ll find yourself flowing against the stream.

Get excited. Get moist. Use that moistness to fuel the driving engine and organizing principal of your life and it will attract to you every single situation you need to continue to act on more and more opportunities that bring more excitement. You’ll find your life becomes an ecstatic explosion of synchronicity.