Dear Queens . .

As you wake up every morning and look yourself in the mirror . .
As your imperfections rise to the surface
Tell yourself you are beautiful before anybody can steal that opportunity to
Today is a new day to BE
Stand in your elegance and live everyday utterly un-apologetically in your essence
Of you!
Be free but still disciplined, Be confident yet still humble . .
Be desirable yet still selective and a little unavailable. .
Be educated like the teacher but still willing to learn like the student . .
Be strong & flourish in your fight . .
Stand in your strength . .
And know . .
As a strong woman who knows her worth . .
You will only scare off the cowards that cannot grasp your mind or hold your attention
Cannot hold your heart with the proper care
Cannot make the significant time to understand your thoughts and unravel your layers
They just don’t and cannot keep up with you . .
Because they just simply do not measure up to you . .
And they cannot give you what you deserve
Because you are too much of a good woman
And you understand everything you possess so you will not settle . .
So come correct when you approach her..
Because she is a Queen
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