Love Lost

Use to think all I needed was you but all I ever needed was myself . .
Every time I speak to you its like old memories rush back to my head and they don’t satisfy me like they used to . .
Old memories fade away, they got a new place to move to . .
I got used to everything that was you and your not on my mind like you used to . .
Believed in you, supported you . .
You was me and I was you . .
Even did all the work for you, got lost in you . . I was in love with the idea of a better you . .
You can’t teach a boy to be man and definitely not the man for you . .
He has to come with all the qualities you desire and the gifts you possess as a woman just make him greater . .
You say I motivate you, maybe I just wanted someone that pushed me too . .
I looked to you but I was blind and mistook your words for comfort . .
And every time we come back, a little love would run back . .
But now its just memories . . And were talking like two strangers that never loved each other . . Were talking like we never knew each other in our most vulnerable states . .
Like you never heard my cries . . Like you never looked me in my eyes holding me and I was everything you ever needed . .
I guess I am just holding on to everything that once was . .
And sometimes I think I’ll never feel that again . . Maybe I won’t believe that again . .
Maybe I won’t meet that again . .
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