Sounds Of Love.

Can we get high . .

Move me and engulf me in your rhythm and vibrations . .

Let me taste a bit more of your similes and this scenery . .

Your words are music to my ears in the morning . .

There is no such thing as a soundless morning . .

The swish of the wind, I blink twice and take it all in . ..

Two roads connect, two hands entwine

Two eyes leave and revert back simultaneously. .

Thoughts come together and diverge . .

Silence fills the room but the music is still playing . .

This is my favorite song . .

Your words are my favorite song. .

Through the ears and to the mind . .

Firing off a stir of contemplation and temptation ..

Zest and euphoria fills my body . .

A state of illusion I am in . .

Your in control and I am addicted . .

A thirst that can never be replenished

I keep coming back for more I am hooked. .

Melodies and metaphors ..

Your music is a sweet sensation ..

You capture every angle and shape every point ..

You are the lyrics and I am singing from my soul . .

We connect .. We soar together .. We sail with no ship ..

We create and paint pictures and this music is still playing..

Our energy is always moving . .

There is never a soundless moment . .