The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

What happened Jason? CW forced you to appease the minority! If you really cared, I suggest you look at your ending again, you can change that, you could have Lexa alive, Clarke with her, even if it is in a virtual world.…you can get a save, but let us see how sorry you are. But know a double death of Lexa, could get your first suicide, will you take that serious enough? Emily Davidson, brought England to a halt, changed everyones view, Suffragettes were called a bunch of bullies, lunatics...because they wouldn’t go away quietly, be abused and lie down anymore. Now the LGBT, 14th Clan, are trying to protect the younger LGBT, after the traumatic and emotional damage you have served , you did bait, you did invoke our support, you did manipulate! Each dollar you spend, each yearn for fame and your season renewal has been gained by the LGBT support . Furthermore we are now cleaning up your mess and putting in place help through Trevor Project, the development of a security blanket for these vulnerable members of our community.You have a huge guilt to carry , that currently you are failing to acknowledge, I ask how much have you or your company placed into this funding? after all you created this mess! If you do care as quoted and you do intend to serve a death of a beloved character again, then please except the consequences in a mature manner, don’t blame or belittle others for your poor decisions, or for their honest reactions. Further to this, I hardy believe you buried your head in the sand for 3 weeks! You now know we are not going away, your creating your own train wreck, but we happy to assist. You also have experienced first hand the power of social media, enjoyed the popularity and seen it disappear in an instant action. Your dishonesty and disregard has brought just rewards, remember you can only be successful with people’s support, we make you , but we can break you, you actually don’t hold the power, check out the long list of cancelled shows, end of show runners, writers and actors and actresses careers.Like all show runners before you, your career is a vulnerable one, you need us more than we need you! . Take heed, minority votes do count in the bigger picture, because historically all votes count ! Finally if you are going to rely on our community to pick up your pieces and mess? At least give us a warning, if Lexa is to die twice in front of these teens eyes, then be open and honest and say so, so that we can be prepared, that vulnerable teens can be prepared and choose not to watch. Be reassured Jason, a real death of fan because of your show and decision making, we all cannot afford, or live with , no matter how visionary you think you are…If you never held a dying child, lucky you, it’s an experience, I have done several times and wish never to repeat!


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