In the Sea.

I had love for you as big as the sea,

The sea is grey and rough,

Sprinkled with hurt and loneliness;

But disguised as fun and light.

Two boats trying to navigate this sea,

With only a thin rope to keep us together.

It became too painful to bear,

You dipped me in crazy,

I breathed in the ‘what ifs’

Hanging on to hope for what -I wasn’t even sure.

It become deep and heavy.

I let the rope go,

Then yearning for you again,

I jumped back into the grey to retrieve it.

You did the same;

Only you didn’t tell me you’d dropped our rope.

Your silence stung me like giant yellow wasp,

Right in my stomach and throat.

I looked up to the sea trying to make sense of it,

I looked in the waves for you.

Then you pulled the rope again and came back.

The sea became freezing and too choppy to breathe in.

I can’t breathe,

It’s sucked me up and left me confused,

And good memories tinted,

With damp days of waiting and hoping.

I need to let the rope go,

And I watched your boat get smaller and smaller,

Until you are a black dot on the horizon,

And can’t see your face anymore.

I hope I never see it again.