Tubing in London.

Step up,

Step in.

Don’t look back

Dodge, don’t touch.

Bags held tightly

Hands wrinkled and nailed chipped

I see details because I have


To look and observe

But not to interact or


Into the dull air.

Smell sweat,

Old saliva- the day still there.

Dirty watch straps and

Grey newspapers

Diamonds shine at me,

“I am loved”.

An arm reached over to my pole

Tilted head, eyes closed.

I am mediating.

Body pressed in close

Soak in the closeness of the


I see blue eyes framed with lines

And straight lined mouths

Bored, waiting.

The space inbetween; life?

Phone screens bright.

Metal on metal


Zipped doors open.

We break free and leave.

Never to be together again.