There is a slow boil happening in the ocean of esports, and the creature that emerges will be both familiar and formidable.

Photo by Caspar Rubin on Unsplash

Video games became a part of the mobile experience the minute the platform was able to fit into our pockets. The ability to reach down, grab your phone, and play a few rounds of snake while you waited in line at the DMV illustrates one of the driving factors of mobile gaming’s success: its near universal accessibility. Nearly 5 billion people use cell phones in their daily lives — that’s over half of the world’s population. As the…

It isn’t easy for most people to understand — let alone talk about — competitive gaming. Many traditional media outlets talk about esports condescendingly, as though they still can’t believe that it is a serious career choice for many individuals. This is partially because people lack a point of reference; an example— something against which they can make a comparison. So, when a particular video game title appears in headlines on news sites like Forbes and TMZ, that game is doing something right. And that game is Fortnite.

Here are just a few reasons why Fortnite is dominating the esports…

Jamie Love

I write primarily about how conversations shape the tech and gaming industries, and how those industries influences how we communicate.

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