Daily Learning: Today I have been thinking about an experience I had with a prospect recently. I cold called this person and was completely blown off (at least that is what I thought) They told me to come back at some future date. So, I put it in my calendar knowing that any kind lead is better than more cold calls. I went back and the mood was completely different. Not only did she remember me, she was expecting me and interested in what I had to say. Now she is one of my most promising prospects for a marketing campaign.

The point is, don’t prejudge, don’t believe the negative voice in your head, and always follow up. Be a man or woman of your word. If you say you are going to do something, no matter how disinterested someone seems, you do it. Sales in a lot of ways is like farming. You need to plant the seed and nurture it until it comes to fruition. They may not need you now, but if you keep in contact and honestly try to offer value to them. When they need your service you are who they will turn to.