I like your cat shirt and I like you — be yourself and approve of yourself

It’s amazing to be able to go out and have your dorky side appreciated. 🙂 It always was the case when I finally allowed myself to be me, a 35 year old lady carrying a kawaii cat purse and wearing her all time favourite anime characters on her shirt: totoro, sailormoon…etc.

It’s even more amazing when your style and self-expression is not appreciated but you wear it anyway and feel like a million bucks. This means that you have overcome the need for approval! Woohoo! Another superhero power has been bestowed upon you and you have earned it.

So how do you “do you” without the need for approval?

1.Practice. A lot of practice. And a lot of opportunities to practice.
•Mom hates your skirt but you love it. You smile and say, I love it! You might waver a bit and doubt yourself but then you put it on any way and know that you have made the right decision.
•Someone laughs at you for no apparent reason and you feel ashamed making up a million reasons why they are laughing at you. But the you say, wait, I love myself and laugh out loud just for the heck of it.
•Your boss tells you that you look like an 80’s flash dance girl but you wear your flowy bright colours to work any way…confidence and self-love at it’s best 🙂
•Or someone calls you out and tries to make it look as if you are the dumb person in the room. You are comfortable not knowing it all and don’t need to be right or all-knowing. You ask clarifying questions and then firmly give your opinion on the topic backed up by experience or data. Boom! You have striked the balance of humility and genius-ness.

2. Mirror and video work: being comfortable with your soul, your eyes and your physical being.
•Stare at yourself in the mirror and see your beauty. You are now another person looking at you from within.
•Every single person on this planet is beautiful and it is our unique traits both internal and physical that make us beautiful and it is about seeing it this way. Appreciating your diamonds, your sparkle and your magnificent features. Look in the mirror today and see them
•Record yourself on your phone and talk to yourself, building a relationship with yourself. Watch yourself and see how amazingly innocent, endearing and unique you are. Video gives you instant feedback and your learn quickly to know and love yourself.
•Take photos of you in all sorts of expressions: dramatic and natural. This is for you and your personality expression

3. Make it up and <fill in the blanks>
 I’m not much of a list person even though you will see lists and bullets in my writing and blogs. I do this because it is easier for us humans to digest and make sense of but at the end of the day, it is up to you to create your own magnificence and self-love.

What would you do to approve of yourself now? I want to know! Leave a comment and let me know 🙂


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