Learn to freedom

“Think before you speak, read before you think.”

I have a confession to make… I’m a growth junkie! And I just love to learn and I love to experiment. I am fascinatingly curious with everything around me, and everything inside of me. I have this urge to explore and to question everything! And my most important question is… How can we bring more quality to our lives? In my opinion, our pursuit for richer lives starts with the act of learning. Learning is a pathway to more awareness and control in our lives. It’s so powerful that it can change your whole reality! Your health, your wealth and relationships. So how can you learn? And how can you fall in love with it? There are two main sources from which we can learn: We can learn from our experiences or from other people experiences. And today I want to focus on learning from other people experiences.

There are people called authors or writers. They are experts in their fields and they spend large portions of their lives studying a particular subject. And you can buy books from them on Amazon.com! You can read them in physical form, or you can read them in digital form(Kindle). You can even listen to them on Audible while you drive, jog, iron your clothes, wash the dishes or lay on the bed with your eyes closed!:) You can even read or listen to the short versions of those (audio)books with the Blinkist app! You know all those people can also express themselves in a verbal way, so they become public speakers. You can attend their conferences or seminars and listen to their ideas, and meet new people along the way. Go to the Meetup.com and search for subjects that interest you. You can search for the events in your area on Google.com. You can also watch documentaries or movies on Netflix. You can watch or listen to great podcasts on YouTube, Podcast app, or Soundcloud. … You can even learn from songs you listen to. The great life lessons packed in the art form. The best way I found so far is to learn from the mentors! A mentor is a person that’s accomplished something you’re trying to accomplish. He is already there where you want to be! This is the best way to shorten that learning curve. Because he will guide you along the way, and show you the mistakes he made, so you can avoid them. As young kids, we learned by copying our parents, and it is something that comes naturally to us. So, what is your best way to learn?

I encourage you to take one hour a day for learning. Pick a subject you like. It could be entrepreneurship, psychology, or maybe history. Broaden your worldview and become more confident. Get more control and freedom in your life. Learn about money making and escape the rat race. Step out of the Matrix and become the creator of your own dream life!

Vinko Mihaljević