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“He started hitting me in the kitchen. I was stuck between the refrigerator and the stove. He was kicking me so hard in my ribs that my ribs had cracked.

When I was 13 my parents got a divorce. I was lost. I took my first hit of methamphetamines. ‘Book worm’ Donna was gone, and this monster just arose.

I had gotten pregnant at 17 and had my daughter. …

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Lieutenant Ginnifer Pack (Lt. Gin)
“Centralia is the center point between Portland and Seattle. It’s rich in history. At one time it was a big economic place, but we have seen a decline in job availability, in housing availability.”

Lieutenant Steve Pack (Lt. Steve)
“One thing about our community is that there is food insecurity. Unfortunately, if we didn’t exist there’d be a lot people going hungry.

I’ve never seen a farm of this scale before at any other Salvation Army. It’s maintained daily through — mostly — our interns that we have. …

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Powdered sugar mini doughnuts, made by The Salvation Army in Hoonah, Alaska at the Icy Straight Point cruise ship stop.

Major Kevin Bottjen
“Hoonah is on an island and as an island there is two ways to get here: fly or float.

It’s a beautiful place to live. We see whales in our front yard, deer and bear in our backyard. A population of 750 to 800 people year-round.

Subsistence is a lifestyle here. We live off the land as much as possible. We’re actually in deer hunting season, so that’s what a lot of us live off of throughout the year. Then there’s fishing; we’ve got salmon, halibut, crab, shrimp, sea asparagus and seaweed.

But there’s still things you gotta buy. There’s still dry goods you gotta bring in. So you gotta have money to buy that. …


Kathy Lovin

Salvation Army PR gal, Jesus lover, harpist, Janeiac, former White House staffer, sewist, cat lady, Seinfeld scholar, Presbyterian deacon & wildlife advocate

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