With Big Data and Analytics on the rise, the need for trained SAS professionals has quadrupled over the last few years. If you have an inclination towards analytics, and if looking for the scope of SAS training in India, can definitely up the ante for your career.

Scope of SAS Certification Courses:

  • Attractive salary packages – The SAS software is used by 90% of the Fortune 500 companies and many other well known brands. Moreover, the demand of trained SAS professionals far outnumbers its availability. And, if you happen to be experienced, you will certainly be offered a good package.
  • Improved marketability – An employer will always choose a SAS trained and certified individual over a non-SAS professional having said that the former is coming onboard with needed skills and training.
  • Demand Worldwide – Trained and certified SAS professionals are not only demanded in India but all across the globe. In fact, the demand for SAS professionals is far more abroad.
  • Credibility – Getting trained from industry experts and experienced SAS professionals will help you gain a better understanding of concepts and tools and eventually improve your credibility for being employed.
  • Industry validation – Undergoing the SAS courses will help you clear the certification exam with more focus and better knowledge. Having the certification in hand gets your skills validated from an industry leader, which in this case in the SAS Institute. Your value as an employee shoots up instantly.
  • Paves way for advanced courses – Undergoing the SAS training will not only open employment opportunities for you but will also make you eligible for further knowledge and training courses such as the advanced SAS courses.
  • Courses open to all – You don’t need to be a science or commerce student to be eligible for undertaking a SAS course. Its open to professionals from all backgrounds, be it science, commerce or arts.
  • Affordability & Flexibility – SAS courses are affordable and don’t require you burning a hole in your pocket. Also, there is a lot of flexibility offered in courses such if you’d want a fast track course or a regular one or if you choose to take online classes you can work your classes around your work schedule.
  • Job-role focused courses – We all know that SAS has different modules to it that pertain to each critical function of an organization. So if you’re into Finance, you can simply choose the SAS Finance module course to enhance your credibility.

Even if you have a satisfactory salary package and a great job at hand in the field of analytics, a training of learning SAS online or from an Institute can enhance your knowledge and give you a better insight into performing much better. After all, who knows, it might just help you bag a promotion!

Have you taken SAS training? How was the experience? Share your thoughts and experiences with us. Learn SAS online with us. For complete course details and fees, visit us at www.analytixlabs.co.in.

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