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ED Coin Electronic data protection

Someone links the concentrated and dispersed basis of Dapp information in order to guarantee a cipher ecosystem that is able to seek mutual benefits from the number of users.

With the support of ED platform, direct artists, developers and users are selected, something that is able to eliminate unnecessary brokerage fees. If the Author gives a plan for the purpose of the platform, a smart contract in the mental property of the given provision is made. It is possible with full confidence to form a contract for the purpose of any transaction and registration, and each is able to control, changed the unit of authority of the property and the application of creations.

Cryptographic key exchange

The first author who gave it, confesses a chain of designs and is awarded because of the investment. Users realize own powers of a voice with support of coins what they possess in this course, and according to the verge of it, as well as all without exception more users will take part in a landing stage, data become closer to unity.
Types of electrical information follow.

  • Information according to CAD + information according to the design of the industrial facility
    - Intended data
    - Technical / Design Ideas

Ed Coin application

Ed coin can be easily moved from a mobile wallet and an Internet wallet. The ed coin is proper to the compensation of the symbol of interest as well as the concept of voting, lowering the atmosphere, and investing is possible to simply certify the events of the Writings.

For the formation of the EDC ecosystem, the beloved undertakes an operation with the aim of this in order to acquire a coin settlement and a way with the aim of this in order to facilitate the labors and the way of moving as well as possible more. You will be able to switch directly from the wallet to the platform in order to notice the position of the current contribution got into the account mark.

In addition, a wallet with a huge number of coins stores a variety of advantages for the purpose of the depositor, forming a platform in which place the coins are regularly distributed in order to strengthen and expand the accomplices.

The web wallet gives the possibility to you to notice the item in the transaction with 1st views in the dashboard. If Ed Coin is sold and valued in the future, you will be able to control the income of the conjugated nemereno in the chart. Other functions are similar after all, as well as a Portable Wallet. As well as mobile, so the Internet wallets have all the chances to be moved directly to the Ed platform, in order to simply acquire the necessary electrical information.

Tab Voting gives the ability for you to notice your voice the presence of voting in society Ed Platform. In a similar way, Ed Wallet and Ed Platform have all chances to be applied regularly as well as Dapp.


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 EDC
Sale : 5,000,000,000 EDC (50%)
Number of tokens for sale

5,000,000,000 EDC (50%)

Start To Be Announced

End — To Be Announced

Tokens exchange rate 1 ETH = 00 EDC

Acceptable currencies — ETH

Minimal transaction amount 1 ETH


The project is very well implemented and has proven itself! I myself will invest in this project to make everything work out for them and be in good shape! Excellent concept, implementation, idea, also in the documentary paper everything is perfectly painted and shown in practice. Schemes and other are given!

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