I’m a loner! I don’t have any relations. But I am happy. Then ,one day, a beautiful girl stepped into my life like a dream. The girl’s name is Sweetie, the moment I fell in love with her.. By seeing her innocent and lovely face while her friend is getting proposed.. The next day I saw her near to my street again. Days are passing, but i was afraid of expressing my love to her. One fine day I proposed to her by giving a love letter. I can never forget the anger and fear written large in her eyes.. And the next day while she was coming to reply me suddenly she met with an accident in front of me. Tears that seldom come from my eyes fell on her forehead that day. I’ve seen many people hurts in accidents. Grizzly murders, disgusting scenes nothing ever disturbed me. But, when I saw her severely hurt, I couldn’t bear it. I gave her my blood and said nothing will be happen! you will be alright by touching her hand. I said I’ll inform your parents. Then slowly she was thinking about me and in less time she fell in love with me.. After few days she came to me and proposed.

Sweetie: “ I LOVE YOU “ I want such love all through my life.

Me: I can’t love you all my life.

Sweetie: Then?

Me: I can love you for sometime only.
(I am the world’s greatest lover. That’s what I think myself)

After that incident my friends scolded me for telling her the truth. How can she love you? I’m sure she’ll not love me.
friend: Then what? If anyone ask will you love me? You must say I’ll love for any number of births. Only then they’ll fall in love. Love means few sms, few lies, cruel jokes and a flower.
Me: I can’t love like that.
Friend: Then?
Me: I’ll love telling the truth.

From that day she was changing my world in front of my eyes. I didn’t like that. I thought of going away from her. But, I couldn’t. Finally one day she came to my flat and asked few minutes to speak personally.

Sweetie: I like you. I have come here to ask you to accept my love. You said earlier that you were a normal person. I am sorry you’re not a normal person. Had you been one, you wouldn’t have say I can’t love you life long.

Me: I don’t believe in life long love because!

Sweetie: You don’t believe in it. Tell me why you don’t believe it.

Me: Okay. I will tell you

After finishing student exchange program in Hyderabad, I was leaving to hometown that day… I saw that girl then.. Her name is Sruthi! So beautiful to pull you to her. Her smile.. her beauty.. her innocence.. Without my knowledge my legs followed her.

Me: I thought you’ll go to to home but you came to station.

Sruthi: I am here to go home.

Me: Home? smile again? I saw you in college.

Sruthi: I came there to meet my friend.

Me: Friend? What’s the name?

Sruthi: Friend’s name?

Me: Who wants to know your friend’s name? What’s your name?

Sruthi: Do you love me?

Me: I think symptoms are like that.

Sruthi: By seeing her watch, Okay no problem. Still 30 mins for my train to leave. Love as much as you can in the mean time.

Me: What? Stop.. Where are you going?
Sruthi: smile again.

Me: I asked train tte where’s the train going to? he replied Vizag. I said to sruthi you are moving to Vizag.

Sruthi: It stops in 30 stations in between.

Me: What’s this? You give time but don’t tell me anything.Will you atleast tell me your name? Same smile again. How about cell number? Can’t you tell me something?

Sruthi: Just 15 mints.

Me: Can’t you atleast tell me your friend’s name?

Sruthi: You don’t want to know little earlier.

Me: I was little cranky then. Train is leaving, please…

Sruthi: smile again.

Me: I’ve decided it’s you. At last I found her address. 
Vizag! City of my love, may be that’s why I liked so much. I found her standing in front of shop. I went to her.

Sruthi: Why did you came here also.

Me: Half an hour is not enough.

Sruthi: then?

Me: I want it life long. suddenly her mother came I asked isn’t she your sister?

Sruthi: My mom!

Me: Aunty Bless me please.

Sruthi: Her mother shouted hubby, somebody is flirting our daughter. Her father came and asked who are you?

Me: Your future son-in-law.
My friends scolded me, you ruined everything. Would anyone say that so directly? She came to me and my friends are shouting me to come back.

Sruthi: Half hour isn’t enough for me too.. And she proposed me..

Me: First birthday after falling in love. I was waiting for her wishes. She surprised me by calling first and giving a beautiful gift.

Sruthi: Rest of my life is completely with you.

Me: I was enjoying with my friends and with her in the party . Suddenly she felt bad that I am giving more importance to my friends.

Sruthi: I’ll go now, you finish everything. Let’s meet later.

Me: What happened? I saw such an expression in her for the first time. After that many times. First time I felt I was being pulled behind.

Sruthi: I LOVE YOU. How happy I’m walking with you like this.

Me: But I was afraid. I was worried about spoiling this happiness. First time i deleted friend’s msg. First thing I hid and the first lie ever told.
Sruthi: A call from her. Hello Nag! What are you doing?

Me: I’m studying novel.

Sruthi: okay ,study.. she disconnected the call.

Me: I made call to her.

Sruthi: Tell me..

Me: Why are you so serious? I said it for fun ,I was thinking about you only. If lie can make her happy who needs the truth? Little things, but was forced to lie about it. what’s the problem? I don’t know

Sruthi: I LOVE YOU she continuously say these words.

Me: First time I felt those three words were meaningless. The next day I met her in cream stone.

Sruthi: Give me your phone. I’ll play games.

Me: I went to bring some stuff for us.
Sruthi: Where are you friends? Aren’t they in touch with you?

Me: Hey in fact I don’t know where are they? It’s been many days since I met them.

Sruthi: How long you have been deleting your messages?

Me: How long you have been checking my messages? They are my friends. What’s in it other than hi and hello?

Sruthi: Don’t I know you love your friends more than me.

Me: Sruthi please understand me. They are good guys , they are my childhood friends.

Sruthi: I don’t like your friends.

Me: Why are you crying for this silly thing?

Sruthi: Is lying silly thing for you? Why you lying in front of me?

Me: I don’t know why I was lying to her. I thought my love won’t be like others. I didn’t expect to go like this. How could I decide she’ll be the love of my life. Is love wonderful? who said that? That doesn’t mean that we weren’t happy.. we were… every time we lie. But what so ever it may, i understood I’ll try to love her sincerely. But I don’t know how long it’ll last.

Sruthi: I’ve told my parents and got their approval. Surprised, how i got their approval? I told them you love me so much, and that you’ll do anything for me, no father would say no.. How nice it would be to stay like all our lives.

Me: Would my entire life be like this only? I got some nervous and said we shall break our relationship.

Sruthi: What you are saying? why did you say like that? Are you mad?

Me: I don’t know how many lies I’ve to tell to live happily with you all the life. My habits, my friends, my hobbies, I don’t know what other thinks I have to sacrifice. I don’t how my life will be in future. Do you atleast know it? you ask me to look into your eyes, can you see little love in it? I will go on repeat I LOVE YOU TOO entire day, it’s not coming from my heart, did I love you for this? Did I love to live like this?

Sruthi: Then, leave me alone.

Me: Go! I really felt free after saying go. The longer you love, the intensity of it decreases.

After listening all these Sweetie went away to home. And the very next day she came to me.

Sweetie: I wanted a man who will love all my life. But didn’t know how he’ll love me. Now I know it. I want a man who truly loves like you.

Me: What? Am I hearing right? OMG.. You are not saying this for saving you, right?

Sweetie: You didn’t save me now. You saved me long back. you told me the truth to love for short time when I wanted a love for all time, and saved me. you made me realise that as love grows longer lies join the life, you saved there again. you kept on saving me. I didn’t get it first.

Me: I don’t do anything for saving you. I was just trying to be truthful to my love. anyway I‘m so happy for understanding me and let’s forget this world and love. Lobe truly. you want that, right?

Sweetie: Yes NAG! I want this true love all my life.

Me: Ask me love, i’ll give as much as you want. But don’t put a condition of period for my love. Because love will not be the same all the life. Even if I say it don’t believe it. love is not two hearts but two brains, both think differently, What I love you in today , I may not like it in future. I don’t want us to live a life of lies cheating each other.

Sweetie:You shattered everything in which i had faith. Don’t shatter this one too.

Me: If I say love will be same as of today all of the life, that will be my first lie. I had to break away from her because i had to lie her. I’ve to start a new love with lie. Then i don’t want such love. Life long is impossible. I too wish it to happen. I’m not ready to take chances with false belief. You must be ready to split if it’s not ready.

Sweetie: I can never split with you…

Me: again same problem ..!!

Stranger: What’s your problem anyway?

Me: My problem? love is my problem.

Stranger: You loved 2 people, didn’t misbehave with anyone. didn’t lie to anyone. didn’t cheat anyone. Young man I think its you who got cheated. Your real problem is not to love one girl all your life, right?

Me: yes.

Stranger: Then, you’ll never get an answer for it in your life.You loved two members, you loved them wonderfully, what’s there with you now? except the reasons for breaking with them. you’ve ten reasons now, do you’ve at least one love? Don’t spend life with reasons. “ If love is splendid initially, it’s end must be more wonderful. If you want to see love as vast as sea, you can see it at the fag end of life. I you want to see it, you need to love only one girl” .

Me: I can understand one thing now, I feel the thought that I love a girl is a big lie. Because I fell I love myself more than her. The reason for me not to love a girl is myself. I, NAG is the reason. Life shouldn’t be spent with the reasons. All I’ve only one thing with me to sacrifice for her, that’s my ego. Now I’m going to meet Sweetie and express my Love without any ego. Hope she will definitely accept me….