Medical Penis Pump- Helpful to Improve Erections

Penis pump are still quite popular after several decades. Men who do not wish to take medication or who do not get desired results from impotence treatment pills, specially prefer to use penis pumps. Now in this modern days advanced penis pump are both safe and easy to use. They also provide satisfaction and pleasure to men because of their gentle vibrating mechanism.

What are penis pumps?

Penis pumps also known as medical penis pump or vacuum pump. It is broadly used devices for impotence treatment. Many male people use this medical penis pump device for masturbation or to increase the size or girth of the penis. Even there is a huge range of penis pumps available in the market today; most pumps consist of an acrylic cylinder with a pump that may be attached directly to the penis. The cylinder is attached to a motorized or battery-powered pump to create suction. As the penis pump create vacuum around the penis, blood is forced to the penis which help to become it enlarge and cause erection. Too much pressure should not be applied at this stage, as it may cause problem or damage the penis tissues. The function of the dick ring is to control the blood flow so that the erection is maintained long enough to complete sexual activity.

How to use penis pumps?

Below are the simple steps to us medical penis pumps. With practice you will find it easy to use.

1- First of all you need to push your penis into the ring until the mouth of the pump or tube is tightly up against your body.

2- At this stage you need to pump it slowly. This is because more pumping may damage your penile tissues.

3- Continuously pumping until your penis gets fully erect.

4- Don’t use the pump more than 20 minutes, as it may cause permanent damage to your penis.

Continue pumping until your penis is fully erect.

5- If you feel any pain then stop using this device

6- Once you achieve the desired hardness, slip in a cock ring at the base of the penis before releasing the vacuum. This will helps you maintain an erection.