Penis Pumps Beginner Tips

Penis enlargement pumps are used by most persons to increase the length and girth of their penis. Such Penis pumps are designed to create a vacuum in a plastic cylindrical tube in which the penis is placed. When the air pressure is decreased in the container, the penis swells accordingly. Focus to this outside force, penis cells will multiply in response that successfully increasing in size. Through this, in hopefully the penis can achieve permanent gains in size.

Penis Pumps Beginner Tips

Selecting a Penis Pump

Selecting a penis enlargement or developer pump, make sure that you go for the kind that is packaged with a cylinder that is reasonable in size that is not too small or too big. If the cylinder is too large, then the skin of penis can be all squished while pumping, and if it is too small it won’t produce any enlargement of the penis, hence preventing gains in girth. Not any one of this perfect.

Besides these, pick a product that is packaged with a pressure weigh along with a pressure relieve regulator. The presence of a pressure gauge lets you gauge the force so that you will not go over the safe pressure level, but the pressure relieve regulator lets you easily control the pressure of the pump with one tap of a finger. This type of penis developer pump is necessary for you to restrict the potential problems that are fixed in with your use of the penis pump.

After buying your new penis pump make sure that you clean the cylinder completely with hot water or some dish washing liquid.

Before and During Each Pumping Session

Before starting the pumping, you must clean the hair from the particular area of your skin which will get in touch with with the pump cylinder, so as to create a good seal. Also do some exercises to do a warm up practice to rouse blood flow in the penis which reduce the risk of damage while pumping soon after. An simple warm-up activity can be performed by soaking a towel in hot but not too hot water, squeezing out the glut, and putting it around the penis up to two minutes, and then repeat the steps for approximately three more times. When you are attending the hot towel process, give the cylinder a quick rinse with hot water too.

When warm-up is done, rub the penis to achieve semi erection. Rub some Vaseline to the point of contact with the pump cylinder for a comfortable seal. After that, fit the cylinder over your penis and gradually add pressure to it until you feel a bit uncomfortable, although not enough to be painful. Do not raise the pressure on the penis pump to a painful level because this will cause some damage in your penis.

Keep doing pumping for 10 minutes, after the 10 minutes, decrease the pressure of the cylinder, separate it from the penis, and then rub the penis for a minimum of 3 minutes to return blood circulation to normal.

After a Pumping Session

After each pumping, do the hot towel wrap again as taught earlier to rouse penis circulation again.

After every penis pump use, you should make sure that you clean the cylinder with hot water plus a small quantity of liquid dish detergent or hand soap.

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