Findings #4

Tor L. Bollingmo
Dec 14, 2017 · 2 min read

Things to hang on your mental mug tree
by Rory Sutherland ▪ About a few different nuggets of information regarding decision making and communication. Presented with clear and interesting examples.

Tid er penger
by Simen Tveitereid ▪ About (in Norwegian) how we experience our time as shorter as it gets more valuable, how we no longer can afford to take time off. As possibilities grow past our time on the planet, they add to a rush to experience more, faster. And as we earn more, the cost of not working is (experienced) higher. It’s the hedonic treadmill.

Product management must adapt
by John Cutler ▪ About how product management should involve as we move from a somewhat static to a fluid way of making products and services; mainly that we need to broaden our view from products to the services they live in.

Sales pitch outline
by Andy Raskin ▪ About a pitch outline that flips the focus to emphasise the world we live in — setting the context — before introducing the offering as a way to succeed in this new reality.

Conversations on Customer Feedback
by Daniel Zacarias ▪ About conversations between product managers on doing customer feedback. Great collection of summary points and full audio interviews done by Daniel.

Frictionless Design Choices
by Steven Sinofsky ▪ About the differences between minimalism and frictionless. Offers a few good design patterns to reduce friction; good defaults, one clear path, personalisation over customisation. It also touches on the challenge of improving a product whilst avoiding the bloatware trap.

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Norwegian living in Scotland, 12 years experience defining and driving customer research, design and marketing. Product Manager at the Scottish Government.