Improve Your Website Form Conversion Rate with These 10 Tips

Designing a compelling website submit form is not the end of your job. Website forms are easy to make but difficult to convert. A website form can help you generate more leads and learn about customer behavior. This is the page that takes your website from being just an informational platform to an efficient business tool. That is why designing contact forms, using the right optimizing tips and strategize is very important and something that a designer must learn first.

Look below at the following tips to learn how you can tweak your website’s contact form design to improve its conversion –

1. Is Your Contact Form Design Mobile?

Most of your website page visitors are coming from mobile devices now. That’s because the number of mobile device owners have increased and internet accessibility have become cheaper and faster. Browsing via mobile devices is actually much easier and convenient than browsing via personal computers. Speaking of which, currently there are nearly 25 percent of adults in the US browse the internet via their mobile devices daily.

Make sure that you are following the latest behavior trends, because in that case, optimize your contact forms to make its readable and friendly.

2. Make Your Contact Form Stand Out from the Crowd

Websites with high prototypically and low visually complex designs are considered to more engaging to a viewer’s eyes. When you are designing a web form, take care to include these elements in your page –

· Colors of contrast

· Complementary colors

· Eye-catching designs

· Blank spaces

3. Optimize the CTA Button on Your Contact Form

The colors used on the form’s CTA button can determine the rate of engagement that your website can generate. Make sure you are following these few things when designing the CTA button of your contact form page –

· Add supporting information (for example — Free 7 day trial) underneath or inside the CTA button.

· Highlight your CTA button with the help of attractive colors and designs

· Using action phrases in your button text. For example — ‘Subscribe to our newsletter for more juicy information’.

4. Keep Your Form Titles Reader Friendly

Readers are very fickle minded and will tend to miss out your message if it is complicated. That is why; you need to make your titles reader friendly and easy to understand. Make sure that you add information related to the possible benefits that a user will be able to gain by filling up the form.

5. Keep Your Contact Form Elements Minimum

Design your form layout maintaining lots of spaces and using only few fields. Filling out a contact form page might seem like a boring task. Including too many fields in a form may cause a visitor want to skip the task. Some may even feel bothered about it, especially when matters related to security are concerned. That is why you must keep your element usage on the contact form as minimal as possible.

Never Forget to A/B Split Test

This will tell you a lot about your form page design. According to market study, changing one word on the contact form can bring about a 3 percent change in the conversion of a contact page. Follow these tips and implement them on your form page design. You will discover more conversion results.

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