Twitter Goes In On The Oscars: #OscarsSoWhite Will Make You Think About Representation In The Academy Awards

“Sport” makes an interesting point: when we choose a celeb from “then” and one from “now”, our supposedly enlightened era, chances are, both will be white. Perhaps this says something about the mindset we have when it comes to pop culture.

“kolonel bunker” brings a perspective practically ignored in the mainstream media: white actresses like Emma Watson are paraded around as paragons of virtue while their many vices are ignored. Meanwhile, people of color are imprisoned for drug crimes at higher rates than whites despite similar rates of drug use.

This young woman of color sings Australian Christian rock band Hillsong United’s song “Oceans” just as beautifully as they do, but who gets all the recognition? The white band members. The Oscars are no different.

These hilarious Facebook Fails illustrate the double standard applied to white and black teens: underage drinking and drug use by whites is seen as childish fun while pundits cite marijuana use as a reason why unarmed black teens deserved to get shot by rogue police officers.

Social media has the power to make voices silenced by the white press heard on a large scale. Maybe it’s time we started listening.