Part 2: There’s never enough time for news
Erwin Lemuel Oliva

Hi Erwin. I can relate to this. Every Sunday morning, while I wait for my daughter from her church activity, I would rush to Mcdonald’s hoping to still make it before they run out of complimentary newspaper. And when I don’t make it in time, I am often told, “Sir, naunahan na po kayo ng mga senior citizens.” Nonetheless, I still buy one because my daughter likes to read Junior Inquirer. And also, there’s THAT feeling of having a newspaper around the house, at least on Sundays. I hope that as my kids grow older and make it a Sunday habit, they’ll be reading more than just the kids’ section. Like how it was for our generation back then.

P.S. Sana balik ng Manila Bulletin yun Panorama, if only for the Sunday crossword puzzle. :)

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